Monday, February 18, 2013

Grong Grong

 18th February

Finally started of on our trip, arrived at Grong Grong just before lunch to a picture perfect spot next to the channel.Once we had set up the van it was time for a swim, well for me anyway.I wasn't real keen on the ankle deep mud ,forgot how that felt,an awful sinking feeling.Enjoyed 35 degrees today,cooling off in the river when it got too hot.

Reflections on the water later in the afternoon,beautiful.

 20th February

Beautiful early morning with the sun filtering through the trees,sort of muted orange sky,tress and water,just lovely,what a way to have your morning cuppa ,sure beats the caravan park.

Car still not starting as it should ,Peter is going to have it checked out again by Tony.

We drove to Narranderra to do abit of shopping fairly short drive,had a Coles supermarket there,picked up some alcohol supplies(all important with the stress of the car)then headed back.
Peter then went to have the car checked & do a few other bits & pieces while in Coolamon.
When he got back we checked some lines,but no luck,just Yabbies waiting to die on the end of the lines.

21st February

Started of as a pretty ordinary day, bit over cast, checked the lines but no joy there.

Still having problems with the car, just wont start, finally got it to turn over, then discovered we had a pinhole in the radiator hose. Peter rang Jason Nissan, but of course they didn't have one, that's the way things have gone since we started having problems with the car.

Then service dropped out altogether and the phone was useless, so headed into Grong Grong hoping for some reception or at least use the phone at the Pub.Hose was found, Peter to pick it up Friday ,also try to sort the other problem out with the car.

Just lucky to have a nice spot to wait out the car troubles.

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