Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sofala,Hills End,Wattle Flat

 23rd February

Left Grong Grong at 7.30am stopping at Caragabel for morning tea.We fueled up at Grenfell & decided to stop for lunch at the Cowra Hotel, as we had a nice meal there a while ago.
Arrived Bathurst around 3 pm went straight to the Big4 caravan park($34.00 a night) at Kelso about 5 km from town,got organized then caught a taxi into the Magellan club for Davids 60th birthday party,had a very nice night.

24th February

Woke around 5.45am,did a bit of stuff on the computer,then organized the van ready to leave.The car did it's usual trick & was reluctant to start....while Peter had the bonnet up he was checking the fuel hoses & found a pin hole,thought that was the culprit,shortened it till he could get a new piece of hose later that day.Headed into Bathurst for a BBQ brunch with everyone from the night before as well as saying our final goodbyes.

David had told Peter that a lot of roads up where we thought we would go would be closed,so plans change again.So for the time being we headed for Sofala about 45 km north of Bathurst where there are camping spots along the Turon River.


Turon River

Made some Pizza Scrolls and Date &Walnut Cake in the camp oven,both turned out great,a matter of getting the heat right.
 Did a trip to Hill End,another old mining town about 35km away,the Tourist information site had heaps of old machinery and a museum inside $2.20 to get in.

Hill End



  Sign in Hill End Pub(The Royal)

Wattle Flat bakers oven

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