Sunday, March 10, 2013

Menindee- Silverton

10th March

Left for Silverton around 9am, hundreds of Emus on the Menindee to Broken Hill road, bit like watching for kangaroos as they just run out in front of you. The road to Silverton was very up and down, lots of dips. 

Booked into Penrose Caravan Park $23, later found out it was a bit on the grubby side, but it was the one and only.

Mad Max 2, A Town like Alice & a few other different films were filmed out this way,quite a few gallery’s and a Mad Max 2 museum. We were told there was a Mad Max convention (of sorts) on at the weekend for a week, be very busy then,would interesting to see.

Went to have a look at the Goal…well worth the $4 each. It was just an amazing place full of everyday items from a bygone era …needed more time to really appreciate it.

A few galleries to look at with local artists displaying their work,the vehicles below were out the front 

Some ones front yard...with what looks like Mad Max left overs

  Silverton Pub,we stopped in to have a drink…bar staff seemed to be backpackers....the film Wake in Fright was filmed on the premise in 1970,since then many films & commercials have followed for eg..if you have seen Mad Max 2,Razorback, A town Like Alice,Dirty Deeds, the Craic or countless other Films, you’ve seen the Silverton Hotel.

They had this game they enticed people into participating in....drop the potato into the funnel and you'd get a free beer.....while you are looking up,they pour water into the funnel.....then they give you a beer...nice trap

 Silverton has a local Donkey that just wonders around the town without a care in the world 

11th March…37c

Went out to see the Mundi Mundi Plains lookout, about 5  km out of town before we headed off. You can see for miles, as well as see the curvature of the earth(so they say).Mad Max 2 was filmed in this area...lots of memorabilia in the area

Left town about 10am stopping at the hall where the Mad Max get together was happening. A few people were already there along with some Mad Max inspired cars and bikes.

The people who were already at the hall were dressed as characters from the Mad Max movie…would be a full on the week I’d imagine

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