Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Silverton to Broken Hill

March 11th

Booked into the Lake View Caravan park at Broken Hill, at what we thought was 10.30 am, but Broken Hill and Silverton both work on S.A time, weird. After setting up we decided to go to some of the galleries…there were plenty to choose from. First one was JackAbsalom’s…he was in the Gallery & we spoke to him for quite some time, a very intense person.He has a very large private Opal collection,very impressive.I didn’t mind some of his work so brought one of his paintings….on a postcard…lol

Next we went to Pro Harts Gallery, there were a couple of cars parked in the car port one of which he had turned into a piece of Art….I liked them. Wasn’t really a fan of a lot of his art work in the gallery…but it was worth the $4 entry fee just to have a look…

March 12th

You see a lot of history just wandering around Broken Hill

Syndicate of Seven the name given to the original members of the Broken Hill Mining Company formed in 1883, who lodged applications for mining leases along the Line of Lode at Broken Hill.

Today we went to see the Silver City Mint and Art Centre (Silver City is what Broken Hill is nick named. It is home to a massive ore body which was the world’s richest source of silver, lead and zinc.)
Inside the Centre there was what they called “The Big Picture” worth a look, the world’s largest acrylic painting measuring 12mx100m.

Broken Hill has many worthwhile things to look at, another one being the Living Desert Sculptures which are 12km from the city. I would have liked to have gone coming up to sunset, but that wasn’t Peter’s idea…we went around 3pm,it was really just too hot, the walk to the Sculpture’s was 1.5km,steep uphill walk all the way. There were kangaroos resting in the shade of trees on the way up… I felt like joining them.

The view once we arrived at the Sculptures was great…you could see for miles….there were 12 sandstone Sculptures by artists from around the world as well as local artist Badger Bates.

The photo below shows the Miners Memorial(on the left) over looking the main street of Broken Hill

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