Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whitecliffs to Menindee

6th March

Mild morning,but a dark looking sky,we thought we might have gone for a noodle today,but like yesterday it has now started raining,too muddy.Peter however did a bit of noodling at the van park and picked up two small pieces with color,so that's our souvenir.

Tried to wait for the rain to ease before packing up,but had to just bite the bullet and do it anyway left at 10.15.

Funny thing we saw heaps of bearded dragons on the main road out,for about 20 km,hoping not to run over them,then three emus nearly ran into our car,wild life likes to live dangerously around here.Did see somewhere in a brochure about the bearded dragons in this area.The sun did eventually come out before we got to Wilcannia.

  Fueled up again at Wilcannia,now we are back on dirt for 151km, checked with Council first ,both roads were open to Menindee.The first 50 km were pretty bumpy & rough,after that it wasn't so bad

Found a camp spot at the Bourke & Wills camp area about 15km out of Menindee,plenty of space,water is really low.Short walk across the road  Lake Pamamaroo, filled with dead trees & plenty of bird life,especially pelicans,cranes,shags & various others.

A few blokes were catching yellow belly in the area where we were,Peter had only managed to catch a carp on his one yabbie he caught,had no luck getting any more.

Tried our yabbie nets here ,no luck either...pretty spot

8th March

Late in the afternoon, Peter could see a very large Goanna trying to get some fish remains from a bin in the distance,so we ventured over to see if we could get a photo,which we did.The Goanna tried for quite some time to pull the bag out of the bin,with no luck.

9th March

Trip into Menindee to get gas & milk,when we got back I took my chair over to sit under the trees at Lake Pamamaroo to read my book and have a swim,nice way to spend a couple of hours

 Lake Pamamaroo

Couple more Goannas

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